"Rare is success. And in today’s world, ever rarer are ethics and family bonds. Yet, the rarest of them all in the success achieved without compromising on ethics and family bounds. That’s the real success worth starving for."
- Daulat Daga, Chairman – Galaxy Group.

Climbing up the Mount Everest is tough. To clad a building of the height of Mount Everest with stones is even tougher. But not for a Galaxy Group, which can clad such a high building with the quantity of stones exported every year.

This saga of trust and success began thirty five years ago and continue to grow further with introduction of Stone Studio and Light Studio. To bring the unparalleled living experience , The Urban Village by Galaxy Enclave was conceived and is based on 360 degrees living comprised of plots , villas , farm house , school , hospital , community centre for spiritual pursuits , club house and much more.

The ventures whose foundations are laid with trust, hard work and prudence always achieved accolades and grand recognitions in terms of enhanced goodwill and rewards. Galaxy Group has been awarded the State Award for export excellence by Government of Rajasthan for several years and many more similar accolades.